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I never want to be that big again.

207 pounds this morning! 7 more pounds to go and i’ll be a healthy weight! :D

I haven’t been losing much weight recently which has been a tad frustrating. Last weekend I did the maths (I’m English, we say maths here) on the semi-skimmed milk I’ve been adding to my twice a day protein shakes. I deduced that I’ve been drinking an unnecessary extra 400 calories a day of milk when I could have been using awesome calorie-free water.

This is why sensible people count calories and don’t wing it (As fun and stress free as it can be)

So yeah, the scales have been sliding down in the right direction again… ah well as least my body had a refeed I suppose, that and those twice daily protein strawberry milk shakes were pretty rad.

8 pounds till i’m a healthy weight!

Pretty interesting TED Talk on how the body gets rid of fat (85% is exhaled as carbon dioxide!)